Online Community Events

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more that developers have been adding community type events to their games to keep players interested. I’ve realised I’m starting to really enjoy this sort of content, but I still feel there’s a lot more that can be done with it.

An example of this sort of thing can be found in Clash Royale, the mobile tower rush game. Each weekend you can work together with your clan to build up clan chests to gain a better reward come Monday morning. Each tower you destroy in a match on Friday, Saturday or Sunday goes into a clan pot and you all work together to raise the rank of that pot. The higher than clan chest the higher the reward.

clanchest There’s been quite a few other examples of these over Christmas. The Hunter: call of the wild held an event which asked players to rack up kills together over the Christmas Holidays and if they reached a certain total they would unlock a gun skin.

Pokémon also held a world wide event recent which I think involved catching a certain number of Pokémon. I missed this one, but really wish I had heard about it before it went live.

Splatoon 2, on the Switch also hold events a bit like this. They give you two options, like mayo or ketchup and you pick a side and then fight the other side to see who comes out on top.


I really like the idea of working together with others, even if I don’t actually know them. There’s a satisfying feeling of watching the bar fill up or the numbers grow as you work hard to complete your goal. I believe in the rewards being one offs too, something you can only get by completing that goal. Even if it’s something small, like a sticker you can put on your gun or a skin for a character. It will always be a talking point, even with others that have it.

PvP games tend to have similar events but are often more focused around a single player. Heroes of the storm and League of Legends for example, both have holiday events but it was about yourself completing quests rather than working as a big community.

So it got me thinking about how this sort of thing could be used more. I think it could fit into so many games, single player or multiplayer. One trick I feel they have been missing though, is having a leader board. People like competing, I know I do. Take for example, a game like Pokémon puts out an event where everyone has to fight and defeat x amount of Pokémon is a month, it would be cool if there was a leader board of the players with the most kills. Perhaps there could be tiered rewards, the higher you place the better reward. I personally think gamers would love this, It would be great fun to all be working together while at the same time competing for spots, trying to get into the top 1000 for that extra reward.

I think community events is a really interesting game mechanic and I hope developers continue to use it to keep people playing their games. Hopefully it will push on and become something really interesting.

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  1. Thinking back, I believe Blizzard might have been the first to incorporate this into a game with the opening of Gates of Ahn’Qiraj in WoW back in 2006. Was revolutionary back then, even in a MMO. The community had to work together and the reward was a brand new raid.
    Also, forgot to mention this in my post about Batman but it had a quite interesting concept for streamers, where you let the community make your decisions, built directly into the game.


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