Backlog Wars

I’m Batman!

Can Telltale's story driven concept work on an action hero? Lets find out!

In my war on my backlog I spent my weekend on one of the most recent entries, Batman – The Telltale Series. Technically, I didn’t buy it since it was part of the free games from PS Plus this month, but it’s one I wanted to check off my list.

Of all comic book heroes, I’ve always considered Batman my favourite, but I’ve never really been a reader of the comics and instead base my knowledge of Batman on the movies.

Telltales Batman from 2016 follows the familiar Telltale format. It’s considered an adventure game but these days I’d say they are more interactive stories than full fledged games. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as it gives a lot of room for the storytelling. It’s split into 5 episodes with each episode completed in under 2 hours (except maybe the first which is a bit longer to establish all the characters).

A lot has been said about TTs ageing engine but I’d say it’s sufficient and at least fitting here. Plus it’s not like they’ve not made improvement during the years (almost thing that they only put out the remastered versions of Walking Dead just to show comparison videos) and there are some really nice lighting and shadow effects used. However, what’s disappointed is that I still get occasional frame rate issues on a PS 4 Pro.

Ok, so what’s it about. Batman obviously. But mostly Bruce Wayne. The story focuses a surprising amount of time on the hero without a mask (and even more surprising plenty in just his underwear). To further this more human Batman, the villains aren’t deformed or weird mutants, but “normal” but still quite deranged humans. The Penguin just likes to wear a Penguin-looking mask, Two-Face is “just” schizophrenic and so on, and I really like this direction. Plus noone can ever top Danny DeVito.


Overall, I really enjoyed the story even if it’s a bit clunky at times and I highly recommend it, especially since you can get it for free this month if you are a PlayStation owner. The game is available on everything but your toaster, including mobile, so there’s no reason to miss out.

There’s a season 2 running right now, with episode 4 out any day now. Personally, I’m gonna wait a bit for, not because I don’t look forward to it, but my as you know, there’s plenty still in my backlog, plus I think I prefer to have all episodes available when I start.

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