Back on the road – Euro Truck Simulator 2

This week has been all about trucking for me. I decided to re-download Euro Truck Simulator 2 after watching some videos and I must admit it’s been great fun. The last time I played this must have been over a year ago and I’d forgotten just how much detail it offers. My previous experience was mainly driving around, confused and crashing a lot, so this time I decided I would try to take it more seriously and treat it as an actual sim. Another change I’ve made this time is to use an Xbox Controller instead of the keyboard. I of course would love a proper wheel but it’s more than I want to spend right now, we’ll see what the future brings. Using an Xbox controller though has been a really great experience, it adds some nice touches which I hadn’t considered. The vibration is what helps, the feedback you get from pushing on the accelerator is really cool and it’s been a great help that it vibrates when I’m not concentrating and my wheels start to come off the road. I’m glad I made this change, it’s far more comfy to drive this way than with the keyboard. I still use the keyboard for certain features, like changing from drive to reverse and scrolling through the satnav but I like that, it feels like a proper little setup when I’m having to reach down to check things with the F keys.

One of my goals in gaming this year is to put more effort into getting deeper into games I enjoy. I’ve been finding myself for the past few years just bouncing from game to game and never actually achieving anything of any real note. So I’ve decided my first target in ETS2 is to reach level 20 as a driver. So I shall report back here on my journey and hopefully reach my goal, then perhaps push onto the next one.

I’m currently level 5, which has only taken a few hours but I’m sure the XP required for each level is about to jump up quite a bit as I go up the levels.


My trucker journey started off like anyone else’s, I was dropped into a truck and told to deliver something. I was shortly told off as I didn’t realise I started on a job and tried to start a new one, only to meet a statement about not being taken seriously as a driver if I just cancelled my first ever delivery. So of course, I didn’t want the trucker world thinking bad of me, so I delivered my truck full of logs to a quarry.

As a new player you start off with nothing other than a tiny garage which is your headquarters. Without a truck of your own you must take jobs using a rental truck, so this is where I started. I ended up in Newcastle, Manchester and even took a job over into Denmark. I quickly learnt about driving on the other side of the road, this is a speedy lesson when vehicles are coming right towards you and all the road signs seem to be backwards. After earning a few thousand pounds I decided to head back to home soil and get myself my own truck, I deserved it, without me Manchester would be without Fish Fingers for at least a week.

I managed to pull together 21k with all my delivery jobs but this wasn’t going to go very far in the truck market so I decided to go speak to the bank and take out a loan. My first loan was for 100k. I put pretty much all the loan and most of my own cash towards my first truck, the Scania R. I went with the basics as I really have little clue about what I need right now, though I did decide a nice Rocket League ball hanging inside my truck was important, along with a Number plate which sits on my dash with the name Yorkey written on it. The only reason I went for white paint was because it cost more to change it, I think I will change this at a later date but for now I stuck with how it came.


As cool as it is to get your very own truck you also suddenly realise you have to take care of it. No more joy riding round sharp corners, no no, this is my truck now and I can’t afford to take hits on my profit by ramming it into a fence post. This however is easy said than done and I have had a few accidents during my 5 levels of experience. I often find it hard to see what’s coming at junctions and quite often just take a leap of faith with it, but on one occasion I some how missed the brightly coloured police car and it ended up on my front bumper being pushed along. Some how I escaped with no damage and no warning, it must have been my lucky day but I did feel a bit sheepish as the police car was trying it’s hardest to turn around and I just drove off whistling.

I realised I couldn’t do this all alone, and I was soon looking through the options for hiring another driver. After toying with the numbers in my head I decided to go full hog and just take out a big loan, So I headed off to the bank and took out another 400k (500k in total now). It took me a bit of time but I eventually worked out that my garage wasn’t big enough to hold another driver so I had to spend the first 100 odd grand on upgrading my garage.


My headquarters no longer looks like an old shed that’s not been opened in years, It now looks like it might actually be running a business.

With garage space to spare I needed a new driver. So I popped down the recruitment agency to see what they had to offer. Being honest, they couldn’t offer me much but I ended up picking up a lad called Milton.P who has a very low rating of 0.8, whatever that means. I was excited to get him on the road, but it then occurred to me that he had nothing to drive. So I had to spend more of my hard earned…. borrowed cash on another truck. I went for a cheaper model than my own, a MAN TGX. Nothing fancy for old Milton, he got the bog standard truck. If he proves to be worthy then we shall find him something better later but for now he should count himself lucky to have that.

My excitement levels were pretty high at this point and I suddenly noticed my third garage slot. I still had some change left over from my 400k I borrowed so I invested in another driver and another truck, the more the merrier right? So I hired a lad called Gary.O (not sure why they don’t have proper last names). His rating was also 0.8 and he got the same model truck as Milton, just a different colour. Milton runs in a yellow and Gary in a dark blue. I’ve been wondering if I should uniform my trucks but right now I just want to earn some cash.

So this is about as far as I’ve got. Since upgrading my HQ I’ve been out on a number of deliveries around Europe and the boys have also been off and about. Milton has been out performing Gary but we shall see how that shapes up. I now have a rating of 2.5 which I’m assuming is better than 0.8 like my other drivers. I currently have 45k to my name and I’m slowly paying back my loans. My last delivery tonight was from Lille to Mannheim and it was a truck load of dry milk, which doesn’t sound great to me but there you go. So I shall keep pushing on towards that level 20 and earning my cash.

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